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Note: some of this products are related to historical terms or periods, but still, should be interesting for the visitors or customers!


The news letter e-UHMR began to publish in June 2012. From the beginning it is an electronic newspaper of UHMR service, which is the national meteorological service of the Republic of Macedonia. Each issue is thematic and is intend for broader public. If any of the topics sometimes push the readers to search for one additional content (at our portal, or literature that is available), then this newsletter, fails to achieve some higher purpose.

e-UHMR, June 2012

e-NHMS, October 2012

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e-NHMS,  October 2012
National Hydrometeorological Service


in this edition:
Weather condition diagnosis
air temperature (spatial distribution)
a little bit more on the end


On the NHMS web portal, we have made a whole set of automated procedures that constantly create valuable products from the materials available to us due to our membership in EUMETSAT.

satelitski produkti

e-nhms is our latest publication

e-NHMS is published since June 2012. At the beginning, it was only in Macedonian. Each of this electronic messenger's editions will always be available to you in the archive of older editions. In the future, the publications will be available in each of the three languages, that all the contents of this website are available in. Also, it will be possible for the visitors to obtain any of the e-NHMS editions in a suitable PDF format.


Something for the youngsters

The process of direct transition of water vapor into ice crystals is called sublimation (in Latin, sublimare means: to rise).


before you go

e-NHMS is the electronic messenger of the NHMS web portal, which is being published in Macedonian since June 2012.

Until the middle of May 2012 (which is only a year of its existence),  the NHMS portal had over one million one hundred thousand visitors (1 000 000 visits). The visitors were from 109 countries. Most of them (over 92%) were from the Republic of Macedonia. The rest were mostly from the nearby countries: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia (0.4% each), but also the USA (1%).

During this one year, the largest number of visits to the NHMS web portal was noted on the 10. 02. 2012, with over 16 000 visits on this day only (this was an extremely cold period, so that is probably the reason for the increased interest).


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This is a visual world. The image is the simplest information type and it can get to us the easiest way. We are less and less willing to read "long texts".
In the process of using the contents around us, the small "icons" are our main guideline to determine the gist of the content, but also our path towards something that is important for us at that moment. We, at NHMS, are constantly working with the challenges and the solutions leading to as better visualization as possible.

Weather conditions diagnosis
A system for weather conditions diagnosis and constant visualization of the regular measuring functions as a part of the National Hydrometeorological Service's web portal. The data obtained from the measuring performed every 3 hours (this is only a part of the whole measuring regularly performed), is being coded and then sent in an international sharing. Based on this data, a whole set of graphical materials are easily available to all the visitors to the NHMS web portal.
The air temperature and wind distribution, as well as the spatial distributions of several parameters related to the amount of water vapor in the air are easily available every 3 hours. And, of course, a graphics about the distribution of clouds above the territory of the Republic of Macedonia is being constantly generated.
Air temperature (spatial distribution)

Even with a very large number of measuring points, there always has to be a proper interpolation procedure. A procedure as precise and as objective as possible is necessary. It should estimate the value of the element in the space between two measuring points (sometimes this is requested by a user of ours). Our system (which is in an experimental phase, although it has been creating products since the beginning of 2012 ) during the first step, considers only the distance between the measuring points. During the next steps, the altitude of the measuring points is also considered and, in the end, we have a good product via the always newly-produced curve of air temperature to altitude dependence.  The system has been well designed since the beginning, so the strict convention for the documents' names also enables us to successfully manage products which are results from several terms (two consecutive measurements or two measurements  from the same term, but in two consecutive days).

промена на Ттемпературата на воздухот во однос на минатите 24 часаThe procedure quality can be improved. In the following period, we will add two more steps that will significantly decrease the error. Our users will get even more reliable materials from us in the future.

Meteo - warning
This is latest official warning published by UHMR. Every warning is prepared by the forecasters on the daily basis, but if it is needed can be changed sometime once or twice in the period of last 24 hours.

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