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Regional warnings, (Mk)

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Highest level of regional danger. Each region is colored with the color appropriate with the highest expected danger. (you can find out about the regional division, the danger levels and the elements below).
Starting since 29.09 2011, every day, not later than 12:00 (local time), a graphical material about the danger level of the current and the next day is being published.

If the region are colored white (usually on the map about the next day), wait until the latest data are published.

Warnings about today

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Warnings about tomorrow

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The warnings are about the following elements:
1. wind
2. rain
3. storm
4. high temperatures
5. low temperatures
6. fog
7. snow and icing

Warning levels

There are 4 warning levels for each of the regions:
1. green - no danger
2. yellow - small danger (extraordinary situation)
3. orange - particular danger (dangerous situation)
4. red - danger with catastrophic consequences (catastrophic situation).


- white means that the warning data about the region have not been published yet.


The warnings are published about six regions, which make the whole teritory of the Republic of Macedonia:
1. Northern-Vardar
2. Osogovo-Malesevo
3. Southern-Vardar
4. Pelagonia
5. Ohrid-Prespa
6. Polog-Porecje


The alarms system on the portal is synchronized with the European initiative of EUMETNET for Meteoalarm and the project for heat waves following of the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of health of the Republic of Macedonia.

Presentations of this system on the professional audiences:


Latest measurements:

Measured data
Meteo network
The data are measured on the network of measurement locations that have HMS synoptic working program. This program includes procedures of constant monitoring every 3 hours and measurements on latest ten minutes of this term. Reports of the results are compiled in the form of an encrypted message and sent to NHMS. The terms are defined under the rules of the WMO, starting from 00:00 UTC (marked as the first time zone that starts from the Greenwich meridian and is recorded somewhere as GMT). Local time here is Central European Time CET = UTC + 1, with correction for daylight saving time (+1 hour in summer).

For a 3D view, choose "Earth" (up, right op the map). Then, hold "Ctrl" or "Shift" and scroll over the map. If you can not have this view, install the Google Earth Plugin appropriate for your browser.

Update is every day in the morning for the current day and every day, no later than 12:00 for the current day again and tomorow!


Meteo - warning
This is latest official warning published by UHMR. Every warning is prepared by the forecasters on the daily basis, but if it is needed can be changed sometime once or twice in the period of last 24 hours.

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