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Note: some of this products are related to historical terms or periods, but still, should be interesting for the visitors or customers!

Radar monitoring - basics

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Products from the radar monitoring from the meteorological radar of HMIS.

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Meteorological phenomena In order to understand the graphical products, experience and knowledge in the field of meteorology, radar monitoring and basic analysis of the weather in the last 12 hours are necessary.

The radar centers network has two digitalized meteorological radars. The graphical materials are products from a russian software for processing digitalized radar signals. In the upper part of the picture, colored rectangles can be found and they have one or more simbols presented by the color of the rectangle. Clouds are usually completelly irregular colored forms, whereas the circles with numbers in the middle are the locations from where anti-hail rockets are fired. The date and time format is: "yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss" ("year-month-day hour-minute-second").

You can find the newest available materials on this portal (sometimes they are only one or several days old). If the radar centers are only minimally active, the graphical material from the two radar centers is available occasionally and is dependant of the degree of activity of each of the centers. Still, checks whether there is a new materials are performed every 15 minutes, and that is how long it will take for the last picture arrived to become visible on the HMIS portal!


Meteo - warning
This is latest official warning published by UHMR. Every warning is prepared by the forecasters on the daily basis, but if it is needed can be changed sometime once or twice in the period of last 24 hours.

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