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Minimal temperatures (Мк)

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Од мерната мрежа
The mininal air temperature is the lowest temperature noted by the minimal thermometer. It regards a 24-hour period from 7 am local time (06 UTC) in the previous day to 7 am (06 UTC) in the current day.

The data is measured in the network at NHMS measuring spots that have a synoptic working program. This program includes constant monitoring and measuring procedures every 3 hours, in the last 10 minutes from the period. The terms are determined by CMO, starting from 00:00 UTC (this is how the first time zone from the Greenwich meridian is noted; sometimes it is noted as GMT). Our local time is Central European time, CET = UTC + 1, with the cirrection due to the summer time (+1 hour during summer).




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The materials updates are being done daily, approximately 2 hours after the measuring (early in the evening) !


Meteo - warning
This is latest official warning published by UHMR. Every warning is prepared by the forecasters on the daily basis, but if it is needed can be changed sometime once or twice in the period of last 24 hours.

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