Gallery of UHMR products of the permanent statistical, diagnostics and forecast analysis of different parameters.

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Note: some of this products are related to historical terms or periods, but still, should be interesting for the visitors or customers!

List of information and services

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HMS, according to the Law on free access to public information (Official Gazette of R. Macedonia, no. 13/2006) and Article 9 and Article 10, as a legal person publishes a List of information holders, that are created and owned by the Service.


Hydrological information

- Free access through annual, weekly, publications, through the media (web-site, e-mail). All hydrological parameters that are being measured and observed by the national hydrological stations network in R. Macedonia, which are defined and ready to publish:

- Water level of rivers, lakes and underground waters;

- Surface and underground waters temperature;

- Water flow of rivers and streams;

- Transport of suspended river sediments


Meteorological, climatological and agrometeorological information:

- Meteorological, climatological and argometeorological monitoring system in the national network;

All types of meteorological amd climatological measurements: hourly, permanent and daily values about the weather, climate and quality of ambient air.

- Annual, monthly publications about climatology, agroclimatology etc.

- Meteorological documentation from the national network.



- Air quality monitoring in R. Macedonia:

- Daily-mean data: sulfur dioxide, smoke, nitrogen dioxide;

- Monthly reports about air quality in R. Macedonia, 19 measuring spots;

- Surface waters quality monitoring: monthly reports about quality of water at the measuring spots in R. Macedonia;

- Parameters - nutrients: ammonium ion, nitrates, nitrites, total organic nitrogen, orthophosphates and total phosphorus;

- Biological parameters: saprobiological parameters: chemical and phycisal parameters;

- Bicarbonates, carbonates, hydroxide, sulfates, chlorides, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, hardness (total)

Harmful and hazardous material: metals: iron, manganese, lead, zinc, cadmium, chromium, nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminium, molidben. - Sanitary - toxic materials: cyanide, phenol - sulfides.

Analyses and weather forecast:

- Bulletin of Meteorological data about R. Macedonia and Europe;

- Daily bulletins about one-day forecast;

- Three-day forecast;

- Weekend forecast: Weather disasters announcements


Radar monitoring and weather modification through the system of radar identification and weather modification (Service for protection of agriculture products from hail) with anti-hail stations installed in R. Macedonia;


- Radar atmosphere observation (real-time);

- Early notice and warnings of dangerous weather disasters;

- Detailed information about the anti-hail system activities


HMS, as a public service, will continue to build a strategy to increase trust between citizens and public institutions.



Meteo - warning
This is latest official warning published by UHMR. Every warning is prepared by the forecasters on the daily basis, but if it is needed can be changed sometime once or twice in the period of last 24 hours.

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